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  • The province to strengthen the safety of medical equipment, the full control

    Date: 15-09-01, 12:49 AM Author: Admin

    August 18th, Guizhou province food and drug supervision and Management Bureau convened the province's second 55, three types of medical equipment manufacturing enterprises, the responsible person, emergency mobilization and deployment of safety production work, focusing on promoting regulatory responsibility, corporate responsibility for the implementation of the main.

    To ensure that the province's medical equipment production, management and use of units to implement the work of safety, the provincial food and Drug Administration in a timely manner to develop the program, the deployment of self inspection, supervision work. Requires regulatory departments at all levels to earnestly implement the daily report of the safety production work, and resolutely do not leave security risks and dead ends.

    In the supervision and inspection work, the Bureau has focused on the production of medical equipment, medical equipment, medical equipment, the use of units of the production site layout, fire facilities and equipment, distribution equipment, raw material control, personnel evacuation routes, safety and contingency plans, etc.

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