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  • Focus on low-end medical device profitability difficult industry development breakthrough analysis

    Date: 15-09-01, 12:48 AM Author: Admin

    August, the domestic 23 listed medical device companies in the 20 have been released in the report. The report shows that 20 listed companies belonging to the shareholders of the parent company net profit is positive, the Dunlop medical, diving medical and tofflon net profit row in the first three, respectively is 2.88 billion yuan, 252 million yuan, 1.99 billion yuan. In the first half of the 15 listed companies net profit increased, among them a higher increase in Qianshan medicine machine, net profit increase of 214.6%, five companies net profit year-on-year decline, the Edan instruments decline most, reached 61.8%.

    From the results of the report, the medical device company performance is generally good. But from the perspective of the whole development of the pharmaceutical industry, medical apparatus and instruments still exist deficiencies, the foundation is weak, the situation. It is urgent to be the industry to improve.

    Forward looking Industry Research Institute pointed out that in the reform and opening up, the national policy support and the global integration of the background, China's medical device industry is developing rapidly, in 2005 China has become the United States and Japan, the world's third largest medical device market. In recent years, the living standards of domestic residents, health awareness, the demand for medical devices is also increasing, the medical device industry has ushered in rapid development. Compound growth rate of 25% from 2004 to 2014, China's medical device industry income, far higher than the global growth rate of 7%-8%.

    2014 China's medical device market size of 255600000000 yuan, accounting for 7% of global medical device sales, ranking second in the world, in the low-end medical device scale is ranked first in the world. First half of 2015, the medical device industry realized a total operating income of 108092000000 yuan, total profit of 9244000000 yuan, total operating income and profit growth rate were 12.05% and 4.71%, the first half of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry realized a total operating income of 1173551000000 yuan, 120710000000 yuan of total profit, total operating income and profit growth rate were 8.76% and 13.55%.

    Medical device revenue growth in the entire pharmaceutical manufacturing industry is relatively fast. However, the profit growth rate is significantly lower than the overall development of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. Domestic high-end medical device market is almost dominated by multinational companies, domestic medical device companies focused on low-end products, and homogenization of the competition is serious, which is leading to the main cause of poor profitability of domestic medical devices industry.

    At present, China's medical institutions in the use of domestic medical equipment and equipment only low-end supplies and black and white and other low-end products, while the MI, CT, nuclear magnetic resonance and other high-end medical equipment products are mostly from abroad. Affected by this, China's 150 million medical device companies, 90% of the revenue scale of 20 million yuan of the following, the annual output value over 100 million yuan of only 300, the development of domestic medical devices industry urgently domestic high-end products of broken bureau.

    In this context, for the pharmaceutical industry and medical and health fields "45" plan will be high-end medical equipment is listed for breakthroughs in the field of, which will be positive China's domestic medical equipment industry to high-end applications, profitable way. In the policy behind, medical institutions into the domestic high-end equipment will also be improved.
    Considering the current medical equipment accounted for only 9.16% of the total market size of China's medicine, significantly lower than 42% of the world average level; per capita medical equipment costs only $6, compared with developed countries, the $100 / level, there are still much room for improvement, is expected to "45" medical equipment industry will usher in a good heavy, medical device market is expected to erupt.

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