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  • The domestic medical equipment exists, the weak foundation of the situation be congenitally deficien

    Date: 15-09-01, 12:47 AM Author: Admin

    Although medical apparatus and instruments listed companies on the first half performance generally good, but from the point of view of the whole, medical apparatus and instruments still exist deficiencies, weak foundation, whether it is business income and profits accounted for the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry of "quantity" is not dominant.

    Shanghai securities an investment strategy for the medical device industry in August 2015: focus on reporting performance growth stocks, the research report pointed out that the first half of this year, the medical device industry realized a total operating income of 108092000000 yuan, a total profit of 9244000000 yuan, the cumulative operating income and profit growth rate were 12.05% and 4.71%. Pharmaceutical manufacturing industry realized a total operating income of 1173551000000 yuan, a total profit of 120710000000 yuan, the cumulative operating income and profit growth rate were 8.76% and 13.55%.

    A very important reason is that the domestic high-end medical equipment market is almost dominated by multinational companies. In the field of medical apparatus and instruments, foreign and domestic medical devices market possession rate ratio of about 7:3. The WTO [microblogging] recently reached an agreement is made in the medical device industry accounted for the bulk of the multinational corporations "unleashed".

    The agreement provides that 3 years of gradual implementation of the 201 information technology products zero tariff, which includes parts of medical equipment, such as magnetic resonance imaging machines, computer tomography, etc.. Made in the medical device industry accounted for the bulk of the multinational enterprises "be a tiger with wings added".

    Obviously, a few foreign brands monopoly in the high-end medical equipment market, while imports of medical equipment prices, maintenance, high material costs, resulting in rising medical costs, and increased, aggravating the problem of medical treatment.

    According to statistics, China's existing medical equipment manufacturing enterprises of about fifteen thousand, but 90% of the size of the enterprise income is less than 20000000 yuan, enterprise products are also the low-end consumables and low-end equipment, and like CT, nuclear magnetic resonance, PET and other high-end medical equipment has been monopolized by foreign products. China's medical device manufacturers generally in a smaller scale, in the low-end product oriented situation, showing a "more, small, high, weak" characteristics.

    "Local medical device companies are mainly imitation of foreign technology, or as a foreign business agent, but did not grasp the core technology. Limited to product development, local enterprises of the high-end product quality can not keep up, in addition to some of the hardware problems, so there is no way to expand." Beijing Ding Chen medical consultant Shi Lichen told reporters in twenty-first Century economic report.

    At the same time, the reporter also learned that the same imported medical equipment in the domestic price is almost 2 times the price of foreign countries, the cost of procurement of public enterprises is often more than private enterprises.

    "This is caused by multiple factors. Private enterprises procurement will keep the prices down to the lowest, but public procurement, each link of the suppliers to pay the cost of communication, lead to only raise the price to balance the cost. " Chinese medicine (16.18, 1.02, 6.73%), the Secretary General of the association of medical equipment branch secretary Chen Hongyan told reporters.

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