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  • Chinese 15000 medical device companies nine is a small game player

    Date: 15-09-01, 12:45 AM Author: Admin

    Beijing, Tianjin region, the first medical industry fund officially landed.

    Recently, in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei region's first medical industry fund - "heaven and earth wisdom medical industry collaborative innovation fund" was formally established, heaven and earth wisdom Medical Association Houde Nebula fund, Dawning nebulae technology, poly Creek holdings, music, as financial institutions jointly initiated the establishment of.

    The market opportunity in the development process of regional medical industry cooperation in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei is the focus of the fund, including the investment in medical industry, technological innovation and transformation, and the key areas in the development of medical equipment manufacturing and other key areas of cooperation innovation and development of the fund will become the main direction of operation.

    The establishment of the fund and the country is rapidly advancing medical device localization closely related.

    Publicly available data show that in 2014, the national total of 17854 medical CT units (not including military hospitals), including Holland PHILPS, the United States GE and SIEMENS and other 8 manufacturers supply, the market is highly concentrated in the hands of a few foreign medical device manufacturers in the rankings.

    In fact, this situation is widespread in China's medical equipment industry - in China's existing 1.5 medical device manufacturing enterprises, about 90% of the size of the enterprise income in 20000000 ~ 10000000 yuan; domestic high-end medical equipment imports accounted for about 40% of the total market, imports of goods accounted for 70% of the domestic high-end market.

    "2014 China Medical equipment sales service survey report" published in 2014 market share data show that in the CT, nuclear magnetic resonance, nuclear medicine, angiography machine and other large medical equipment, the industry known as the "GPS" General Electric, PHILPS, SIEMENS three multinational companies occupy more than 80% market share, which is even higher than the market rate of 91.1%.

    And in digital radiography system (also known as "Dr", ultrasonic imaging equipment, compared to the product, "GPS" even monopoly position decreases, but to occupy market share also exceeded the "half", the X-ray photography system equipment and "GPS" occupied 53.5% of the share, and ultrasound imaging equipment market occupies rate of close to 70%.

    The overall scientific and technological content is low, the innovation ability is weak, is the common problem of domestic medical devices.

    "Beijing, Tianjin and regional integration of the fundamental driving force in the development of industrial development model innovation, especially in the region within the industrial chain linkage, the core is to build the Beijing Tianjin medical industry collaborative innovation community." Peng Xiaoguang, Deputy Secretary General of China's urbanization, said at the meeting.

    "Hebei Province medical equipment manufacturing enterprises more than 600, but the three types of medical equipment accounted for less than 10%, the overall technical content is not high, the industrial concentration is low, the structure and the development speed are not ideal, the urgent need for industrial innovation." Hebei provincial food and drug supervision and Management Bureau deputy director Li Zengshe told reporters.

    As the fund only a local medical device manufacturers, grows perceptibly by the real-time image data transmission of the world medical wisdom because of its key real-time image transmission technology by attention to capital markets -- in accordance with the existing technology, real-time image upload will not only shorten medical imaging results of time, will directly promote the transmission of the real time information of telemedicine, accelerate the process of the integration of Beijing, Tianjin and medical.

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