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  • This product can beshaped according to the human body

    Date: 15-08-28, 09:00 AM Author: Admin

    This product can beshaped according to the human body, easy to use, accord with human bodybiomechanics; effective to protect the injured area to good correction,protection, easy to use fixed effects; convenient wearing side adhesive tapecan adjust the length, comfort, safety, speed up the rehabilitation ofpatients.

    Indications:degenerative lumbar disc herniation; congenital thoracolumbar vertebraldisease, etc.; thoracolumbar compression fracture after operation;

    1, the end of the wings of the two wings closeto the extent of the magic stick to the waist is appropriate.
    2, adjust the magic stick to the body fit sofar, in order to facilitate the maximum degree of support for the lumbar spineand body.
    3, severe respiratory tract patients.

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